Why You Need to Genuinely Believe in What You Do - The 411, August 4th

Plus Reasons for Procrastinating, Remote Brainstorming Tips and Freshly Picked Postings

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I wrote a LinkedIn post about being missed a while back. It’s something I think about a lot.

I think whether or not you’ll be missed is a good measure for a lot of things. Definitely a product or a brand. Possibly a life. And certainly a newsletter.

To be honest, I don’t think I’m there yet with the 411. I can’t confidently say it would be missed if I stopped writing it. I’m still trying to figure out how to provide more value each week.

If you have any suggestions, send me a message on LinkedIn or hit reply and let me know. I’d really appreciate your feedback.

Four Links

1. Sales Starts With Sincerity

This short post by John Barrows is gold.

The number one thing you need to be successful in sales? A genuine belief in what you do.

“Sales is the hardest job there is. When you don’t believe in what you do, it is 10x harder.”

Genuine belief. Real enthusiasm.

Sincerity sells.

2. Why You’re Procrastinating More Than Usual

Been putting off work—or searching for a job—more than usual? Join the club.

This Fast Company article breaks down the reasons why.

  1. More stress
  2. No commute or location change to start and end the day
  3. Shifting priorities have lead to more anxiety, less motivation and a lack of purpose
  4. Fewer inspiring social interactions
  5. Burnout

Not certain there are any good solutions here. But helps to know others are struggling with something similar.

Be kind to yourself. We’re all doing the best we can.

3. How do you run a remote brainstorm?

Hour max.

Pick the right people.

Set expectations and tell people how to prepare.

Webcams on to make it feel more like a shared experience.

Ask one or two people ahead of time to take the lead and get the ball rollin’.

Use a shared file (like Figma or a Google sheet/doc) to make adding ideas easy.

Stick to the agenda and keep things moving.

Synthesize later, not live.

Finalize next steps.

4. Make Remote Sales Less Lonely

That’s a link to our remote sales Slack community.

It’s a good place to ask questions, get feedback, learn new tactics and meet new people.

Quick, easy and free to join.

One Job Posting

Here’s a unique one: Publishizer, a crowdsourcing platform and literary agency, is looking for a Sales Agent to prospect, close and onboard new authors with great book ideas.

The role is a mix of business development, sales, customer success, tech and publishing.

I Can Sell Stories

One Quote to Keep You Going

"Discovery is not a success unless the prospect thinks differently about their situation than they did before they talked to you." - Andrew Paine

This is a high bar. But a good one.

When you’re able to shift someone’s perspective from “That’s a problem I thought I had to live with,” to “That’s a problem I can solve,” you create value, uncover urgency and get deals moving.

Now you know,


PS. If you’re on the hunt, here are seven freshly picked postings from the past seven days:

  1. Wistia SDR or Sales Director
  2. Webflow AE
  3. Twilio Healthcare Enterprise AE
  4. Shogun AE
  5. FormAssembly AE
  6. Suki Enterprise AE
  7. Newchip Inside Sales Manager

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