Uncovering Urgency, Handling Objections and Selling the CFO - 411, June 23rd

Plus, two ways to respond to “I need to think about it…”

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Here’s this week’s 411.

Four Links

1. Urgency is Uncovered, Not Created

In this post, John Barrows makes a classic sales distinction.

Reps often think they need to create urgency to close deals. But it’s better to think of it as uncovering urgency. Finding and tapping into the drive that already exists.

People and organizations always have priorities and problems. Your job is to align what you’re selling with those priorities or as a solution to those problems. That’s where urgency comes from.

As we move into Q3 of a tough year, figure out what priorities and problems are top of mind with your buyers. Drop them into your prospecting. Uncover them during discovery. And let your prospects' urgency to reach their 2020 goals drive your deals home.

2. Responding to “I Need to Think About It”

Good news first. Gong’s call data shows this line isn’t a deal killer.

Bad news is that it is a deal lengthener. Which can be just as frustrating.

To avoid the long delay, Devin Reed suggests two approaches depending on if you hear the line in the middle of the deal or toward the end.

Mid-funnel, it’s likely due to an unspoken objection or uncertainty about what happens next. It’s your job to figure out what that objection is and to set up time to address it.

If it happens toward the end of your process, it’s more likely that they’re trying to figure out how to sell the idea internally. If that’s the case, your job is to help your champion jump through the approval hoops.

Check out the post for more detailed scripts.

3. Stop the CFO From Saying No

If you’re tired of CFOs killing your deals in the late stages, Rachel Ha’o has you covered with this Sales Hacker post. Here’s the gist:

  • Include the CFO (and other executives) early in the process (like 2nd meeting early)
  • Use objective data to make a clear business case (real dollars and cents)
  • Create an action plan for implementation and adoption (to address concerns)
  • Highlight the risks and show how you’ll mitigate them (rather than pretending they don’t exist)

In short, if you don’t want CFOs to kill your deal, “align yourself with their business goals.”

4. Someone to Follow for Better Mental Health

Not an article, but someone worth following on LinkedIn: Belal Batrawy.

Sales can be really tough mentally. Lonely. Up and down. An emotional rollercoaster.

Belal Batrawy knows the struggle well and regularly talks openly about what can be done to improve the situation. I’ve been following him for a couple months now and am reliably impressed and encouraged by his thoughts. I think you will be, too.

One Job Posting

Talkdesk is a leading cloud-based contact center solution. They’re growing fast. Big R&D team. And they’re in the Magic Quadrant. So this is the big time.

They’re looking for a gritty Enterprise Account Executive who knows a thing or two about crushing quota.

Can you talk that talk?

Contact That Centre

One Quote to Keep You Going

“The art of the sale is not in your words, it's your ability to listen to theirs.”

Loved this line from Collin Cadmus.

He was describing the power of repeating your customer’s words back to them and then asking for more. It’s one of those tips that doesn’t sink in at first because it seems too easy.

But it’s incredibly powerful because it makes you listen actively and makes people feel heard.

The more often you do it, the more natural it feels, the better your listening gets, the more effective seller you become.

Now you know.


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