The Five Categories of Objections and the Four-Sentence Formula - The 411, August 11th

Plus a hilarious interview with Dave Gerhardt

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Turned thirty on Sunday. Wasn’t quite the way I planned it, with a pandemic backdrop and all.  

But my wife set up a video chat with my best friends and had an epic chess-themed cake made with dulce de leche filling. I spent time playing with my four-month-old daughter and dog. It was calm and quiet and far more than enough.

You hear people say that the pandemic has brought what’s important in life into sharper focus. I hope that’s true for you.

Now, another edition of the 411.

Four Links

1. The Five Categories of Objections

One key to mastering objection handling is to get better at recognizing and understanding the intent behind the objection.

In this post, David Priemer breaks down five common categories of objections and how you should tailor your approach to each.

For instance, if they want to better understand, offer support. If they’re trying to delay, remind them why taking action is important now. If they have an uneasy feeling, help relieve it.

Check out the full post for more detailed examples. And if you’re looking for more formal training from David, check out The Cerebral Selling Sales Academy, a paid sales training program he’s running in early September.

2. Long Read on Managing a Remote Team

I love First Round Capital content because it’s so comprehensive. This interview with Maggie Leung, VP of Content at NerdWallet, is no exception.

She runs a fully remote team and provided some great quotes on remote work:

“Now it's becoming all the more clear that remote skills will be table stakes for managers who want to win and retain top talent.”

“Strong remote teams are built on building trust and communicating consistently and effectively.”

“Sometimes, if someone raises an issue with me during a 1:1, I’ll ask whether they’d be comfortable sharing it on a Slack channel to help other teammates who might be grappling with similar challenges.”

“What works for our remote team are things that work for all humans — trust, transparency, clear communication, clear expectations, mutual respect, accountability and camaraderie,”

3. Corporate Bro’s Recent Interview with Dave Gerhardt

“What came first: a career in marketing or your gluten intolerance?”

Corporate Bro might not be everyone’s cup of tea. He’s obnoxious and crass. But he also tends to perfectly capture the hilarity of the corporate world and the day-to-day life of a salesperson.

Worth checking out on Youtube if you need a good laugh.

4. The Timeless Four-Sentence Formula

I was skimming through some of Josh Braun’s old blog posts and came across this article from 2013. In the post, Josh breaks down how to send four-sentence prospecting emails that get responses.

Sentence 1: Show you did your homework.

Sentence 2: Explain what they are missing out on.

Sentence 3: Explain how you might be able to help and add social proof.

Sentence 4: Include a call to action.

It’s amazing how little has changed in the seven years since.

One Job Posting

ZipRecruiter is a leading online employment marketplace with the #1 rated job search app.

They’re looking for an experienced Enterprise AE to develop a strategic plan and close new major accounts.

If you’ve reeled in an enterprise or two in the past, this one’s for you.

Zip-a-Dee-Doo Apply

One Quote to Keep You Going

“Ask, and you might get. Don’t, and you won’t.” - Kyle Coleman

Never assume that what you want is obvious to the people around you. It almost never is.

You have to ask. For the meeting. For the promotion. For the business.

Clearly. Politely. Directly.

You won’t always get what you ask for, but just making it known will go farther than you think.

Now you know,


PS. If you’re on the hunt, here are seven freshly picked postings from the past seven days:

  1. Northspyre Strategic AE
  2. PriceSpider AE
  3. Atlassian Strategic Account Manager
  4. Fuze Enterprise AE
  5. Prelim AE
  6. Binti AE
  7. Shorthand AE

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