The 411 - May 5th - Fool Me Twice

Resume Tips, Hireworthy Skills and Getting Dough from the CFO

RemoteDials 411 is a weekly newsletter on remote sales jobs and tips.


This is the second edition of the 411. Let me know if it's better or worse than the first.

This week we added search (on desktop!) to help you find jobs that suit your preferences even faster.

It's May 5th. Hope the force is still with you from yesterday, because the 411 is coming atchu.

Four Links

1. Resume Rescue

Five quick resume fixes from Lily Zhang, Manager of Graduate Student Professional Development at the MIT Media Lab.

  1. Manually spell-check words in ALL CAPS.
  2. Keep it consistent. Same date formats. All bullets with periods. Or without
  3. Proofread edge to edge. Especially your contact info. Easy to miss. Kinda important.
  4. Tricky one, but try to make sure your verb tenses don’t flip flopped.
  5. Provide enough context so each bullet can stand on its own.

Little things. But they go a long way.

2. Stay Hungry and Eager My Friends

When organizational psychologist Adam Grant starts quoting celebrity chef David Chang, you better listen up and take notes.

For hiring managers, focus less on credentials and what candidates say, and more on what candidates do. How motivated are they? Are they “hungry and eager to improve?” More behavioural questions, like tell me about a time when... and situational questions, like what would you do if…

For job seekers, don't worry about brainteasers. They don’t predict job performance. Focus on telling stories that show you have “the will and skill to learn," and the drive and desire to do better than before.

3. Empathy Sells

Seems like everybody and their brother has been on about empathy since corona started.

I liked this post from David Bloom, Founder and CEO of LevelJump, in particular, because he draws a useful line between sympathy and empathy that often gets missed, and follows it up with actionable tips.

  • Share more of yourself to build trust and create space for connection.
  • Rather than asking how you can help, figure out how you can and make it happen. That might mean connecting a prospect or customer to an expert in your network. It might mean just listening.
  • Finally, don't phone it in. Being empathetic means being authentic. If you're in for a penny, be in for a pound. Vulnerability required.

4. Get the Dough from the CFO

Times are tight. Budgets are frozen. With the future up in the air, businesses are afraid to spend. They’d rather wait and see. You know, until next quarter. Or the one after.

In this post, Gong’s Manager of Content Strategy, Devin Reed, shares four tips for putting the B back in BANT.

  1. Think like a CFO (that means quantifiable ROI, cost savings in hard dollars)
  2. Walk in your prospect’s shoes (that empathy thing again)
  3. Go with phone over email (because tone in text is tricky)
  4. Prep your champion to win the budget fight (detailed talk track included)

One Job Posting

Over 3 million users from over 70k companies including big names like HubSpot, Uber and LinkedIn. Founded in 2016. $45 million raised to date. Loom’s a video recording tool that could easily be mistaken for a rocket ship.

They’re looking for an Account Executive to sell to new and existing enterprise customers. Preferably with 3+ years of SaaS experience and a reputation for crushing quota.

Sound like you?

There's Fruit in Them Looms

One Quote to Keep You Going

“Personalized messages are (still) few and far between. We can all detect marketing language and automated sequences a mile away. The most critical skill for marketers and sellers is the ability to humanize communications.

Remind yourself every day:

🎯 Be specific

🧮 Make it simple

💫 Keep it short

🤠 Add humor

Killer copy always wins. 🏆” - Hila Segal, VP of Product Marketing at Clari

Good personalization may seem like table stakes. But believe it or not, it’s often still enough to win the first hand.

Now you know.


PS. If you haven’t checked out the job board lately, we’re now up over 85+ jobs. Though, in general, we’re taking a quality over quantity approach. So can’t promise the volume will always go up. But can promise the quality won’t go down. Only the best.

PPS. As always, if you know a sales pro who should be in the know, fire this newsletter their way. Dare to share. To care is rare. Work from anywhere. Okok, rhyme time is over. See you next week.

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