The 411 - May 12th - Three Times a Lady

Videoviews, Fighting Zoom Gloom, A Pandemic Poll and Radical Candor

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There are officially more remote SaaS sales jobs up on the board than there were Dalmatian puppies in that movie that time. #102 #keymilestone #CruelladeJob

Hope your mother raised you right, because the 411 is coming in hot.

Four Links

1. Videoview Tips

Video interviews were on the rise before the rona. Now they're part of hiring as usual.

Most tips you'll find are pretty simple and straightforward—get familiar with the software, show up early, natural light on your face, dress the part—but this list from the Muse's Regina Borsellino is particularly comprehensive, including tips on eye contact, maintaining good posture, conversation cues and digital handshakes.

Much of it boils down to treating a videoview like a regular interview and being a professional. Lock it up.

2. Less Vroom Due to Zoom?

Everyone and their mother seems to have suddenly realized being on video all day is more exhausting than basketball practice with Michael Jordan.

I saw posts pop all week with explanations and tips to avoid Zoom fatigue (the clinical term). I thought Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy had the best version with tips like:

  • Don't multitask (so tempting)
  • Take breaks (makes sense, but easier said than done)
  • Hide your personal video window (it really is hard to look at yourself, isn't it?)
  • Don't force social events (nice thought, but just not the same)
  • Phone and email still work (most video meetings should just be slack messages)
  • Don't make video your default for external meetings (no need to invite strangers into your home unnecessarily)

3. Pandemic Poll

Saleshacker polled folks in 472 sales departments across a variety of industries to check the pulse of pandemic sales.

Broadly speaking:

  • People be worried about keeping their jobs.
  • Outbound prospecting is still game on, though value props have been changed and more personalization has been added.
  • Cold call connects and cold email responses are down.
  • The pipeline struggle is real. Fewer leads and meetings. Conversions and closes are down.
  • Yet quotas remain largely unchanged because…sales.

Perhaps worth remembering: this isn't your fault. Do what you can because that's all you can do.

4. Spicy Remote Tips

Chili Piper has a fully remote crew and they got tips. My faves:

  1. Overcommunicate.
  2. Let people work when they're at their best.
  3. "Hire people you trust."
  4. "Instill a culture of collective learning and growth."
  5. Don't micromanage.

One Job Posting

It took a pandemic, but even Boomers are shopping online now. And you know what they say, once you go one-click, you never go back to brick.

Not surprisingly, ecommerce platforms like Shogun are hiring.

Shogun has 12,000 customers. Y Combinator winter of 2018. Blazing fast load times.

Looking for a salespreneur with a strong sense of ownership and 2+ years of SaaS experience.

Can you say uncapped commission?

I'm Gung-ho for Shogun

One Quote to Keep You Going

"Practice radical candor daily; it is imperative to care deeply and challenge directly so that your team is in the best position to succeed. The most honest teams win, every time.” - Victoria Jennings, Senior Sales Development Manager at SalesLoft

Your thoughts and feelings belong on the table, not under the rug. Things fester under there.

Now you know.


PS. I love you. You're more than enough. There are better days ahead.

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