The 411 - April 28th - Maiden Voyage

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RemoteDials 411 is a weekly newsletter on remote sales jobs and tips.


Welcome to the first edition of the 411, a weekly newsletter for remote sales pros looking to level up their game and find their next gig.

Each week the 411 will contain four links, one job posting and one quote to keep you going.

I’m Steele, your content cruise director and cofounder of RemoteDials (along with my boy Alvin). We’re here to help you close deals and make piles, regardless of miles.

It’s April 28th. Here’s the 411.

Four Links

1. Remote Software is Eating the World

Corona has rocked the boat. Some companies are going under. Others are riding the wave.

Not surprisingly, remote everything is on fire. In this post, Kevin Indig, VP of SEO & Content at G2, quantifies the software shifts with data.

Worth reading to figure out where the biggest opportunities lie. Now and in the months to come.

2. A Bunch of Free LinkedIn Courses

Free courses on selling at a time like this, working remotely, looking good on video, and handling the emotional side of things.

Whether you’re working or searching, ABC—always be coursing.  

3. Managing From Home

Some are born into remote sales. Others have remote sales thrust upon them by coronavirus.

In this post, Stephen Sunshine, Outreach's Director of Sales, beams down some rays of knowledge on keeping a sales team focused on the mission, booking virtual lunches, and facing the unknown with courage, caring and coffee. Filled to the brim with tips. Good to the last drip.

4. Know What Jobs Need to be Done

Knowing your customer's jobs to be done is valuable at the best of times. Right now, it’s essential.

If you’re selling remotely today, you need to know exactly how covid has changed your prospect’s day-to-day. How has it affected their priorities? What immediate problems do they need to solve? You need to be certain about what jobs need to be done during these uncertain times.

If you’re currently looking for work, your job-to-be-done has changed. Your new job is finding a job. That means putting your sales skills into action.

Do your research. Personalize your pitch. Pick up the phone and make some #remotedials. Sell yourself. You're the product now.

One Job Posting

Forget 10X. Zoom users have 30X’ed, from 10 to 300 million, in just a few weeks.

Surprise, surprise, they’re looking for a remote AE to hold hands and help companies climb aboard the rocket ship.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, what are you waiting for?

Say Hey Zoom Zoom

One Quote to Keep You Going

“Above all, remember that you are not defined by your current job. You're fabulous, you're doing the best you can, and this situation is only temporary. You'll get through this.” - Udi Ledergor, CMO at Gong

Now you know.


PS. If you’re looking for more opportunities, check out the board. We’re adding jobs as often as we can and trying to make it as useful as possible for everyone affected by this demon virus. Feedback welcome as replies to this post, on Drift, or on LinkedIn. Help us help you.

PPS. Know a fellow sales pro who needs the 411? Quit messing around and hit that forward button already. Sharing is caring. Preciated.

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