Cadence Best Practices, Sales Leadership Videos and Timeless Principles of Selling - The 411, July 14th

Plus a Great List of Diverse Sales Leaders to Follow

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Four Links

1. Josh Braun’s 12 Timeless Principles of Selling

Be crispy, curious and meaningfully different. Out-teach the competition. Don’t chase cats. And flaunt your flaws rather than tooting your own horn.

If you need more specifics, check out the full document. It’s short and sweet and will help you sell.

2. The Best Sales Leadership Videos on LinkedIn

I don’t always watch videos on LinkedIn, but when I do, they’re from Victoria Jennings.

Articulate and actionable. On point and to the point. Just remarkably good, every time.

Some recent ones:

  • If prospects keep pushing meetings, focus on solidifying their importance by showcasing how you’ll add value to your prospect, their team and their customer.
  • As a sales manager, use whether or not your reps and SDRs are interested in spending more time with you as a gauge for how well you’re doing. If they’re showing up on time for one-on-ones with an agenda and actively seeking time with you, that’s great. If they’re showing up late, unprepared or regularly pushing, figure out what’s up.
  • Why are objections actually a good sign? Because they prove your prospect is engaged, actively listening and paying attention.

I never regret taking the time to hear what she has to say.  

3. Kevin “KD” Dorsey Podcast with Patricia McLaren, the Queen of Cadences (Spotify Link)

This interview with Patricia McLaren, the Co-Founder at RevShoppe, was tactical and practical.

Some highlights:

  • Stop talking about yourself. Make it about your prospect. What they’re going through. How to make their lives better. Less I. More You.
  • Short and sweet. No paragraphs. No bullet points. No fluff.
  • Four lines. 1st: Personal touch. 2nd: How you make their life easier. 3rd: Credibility. Social proof. Why you. 4th: Call to Action. DON’T ask for time. Keep the ask really small. Really simple.
  • You need an Outbound, Inbound, Referral and Nurture cadence. 10-12 touchpoints, or more (Salesloft says 16) with a mix of personalized and automated emails, social touches, calls and videos.
  • Personalize with purpose. Try to find common ground. Connect on a human level. Think about what you want your prospect to feel.
  • Stop sending bad breakup emails. You know you’re going to reach out again anyway. Just send a couple of your highest performing resources.
  • You have to be odd to be number one.

4. A Better, Longer List of Sales Leaders to Follow

In May Crunchbase came out with a list of 25 Sales Leaders to Follow that was based on size of following and engagement, but notably lacking in diversity.

They’ve since updated the list with 29 new names who are women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community, including some of my faves like Nikki Ivey, Morgan J Ingram, and Jill Konrath.

Definitely worth checking out the full list.

One Job Posting

LeadIQ is a sales tool that makes prospecting faster, easier and a lot more fun.

I’m a fan of their content and had one of the best prospecting experiences of my life dealing with Frosty. So they do indeed walk the talk.

If you’re US-based, have a bit of B2B software experience, and are looking for the full-funnel prospect-to-close experience, go get ‘em.

I have IQ and EQ

One Quote to Keep You Going

Toss up this week because copywriter Joel Klettke shared seven lessons from working for himself and these two jumped out as being particularly applicable to sales. (See the full list.)

“Never trick yourself into believing you know enough to stop learning. Make time to read, hire a coach, join a group. As soon as you fool yourself into thinking you’ve mastered something, you start falling behind.”

“Sow seeds without expectation. You’ll be amazed at what grows out of small deeds done without demanding anything in return.”

Keep mastering the game. Keep planting seeds. Good things will come.

Now you know,


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